Curso ESTRO “Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation”

Barcelona, Spain – 6-9 September 2014

The new ESTRO course on Accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) is set-up to bridge the gap between techniques, results, experience and the application in current practice. A “must-be” for as well those who want to start with APBI as for those who just want to learn more about the true merits of this approach!

APBI is gradually finding its place into current practice of treatment of early stage breast cancer patients. Whereas the results of the first prospective randomized trials attract a lot of attention in both the scientific and the lay press, a discussion emerges on what is currently the applicability of the evidence that is available.

A wide range of technical solutions for delivering APBI is available, including intra-operative, invasive and external beam techniques. While they are all considered APBI, they are characterized by a very wide range of fractionation schedules, treated volumes and total doses which makes interpretation and inter-comparison of published results difficult.

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