Challenges in Reirradiation – monthly interdisciplinary webinar series

On October 26th 2023, a year long series of interdisciplinary webinars will start, hosted by ESTRO:

                 Challenges in Reirradiation:

                 From Art to Science

The webinars are free for everyone; you just need to register here for registration.

There you will also find more information and the entire program. Each webinar will be 1-1.5 hour.

The topics will cover a broad range of challenges in reirradiation, presented by experts working with reirradiation on a daily basis:

          – Radiobiology

          – Image registration

          – Dose accumulation

          – Clinical workflow

          – Different treatment techniques

          – and more

The webinars will be leading up to the ESTRO Interdisciplinary Pre-Meeting Course (PMC) on Reirradiation in Glasgow, May 2024. Please consider also joining us for the PMC, for a one-day bootcamp on use of re-irradiation in the clinic!

We hope to see you all online,

On behalf of the ESTRO Physics Working Group on Reirradiation

Nick, Ane, Eliana, Marija, Ali, Heidi